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    Read Before Signing Up Empty Read Before Signing Up

    Post  Marrek Revél on Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:31 pm

    This forum is for the Applesaucego RPG only. Any off-topic posts or threads will be considered spam, and will be deleted.
    Also, note that Admins have ban power. Need I say more?

    Please make your Avatar a picture of your Applesauce character, and post your stats in your signature.

    Stats will be in this format:

    Name: Name
    Element: Element
    Stats: Species * Gender * Age
    Level: 1 * Coins: 10 * Health: 8/8 * S.P.: 8/8 * E.P.: 8/8 * E.D.P.: 8/8
    Inventory: Weapon (O.W.P.: /D.W.P.: ), Crystal
    Played By: Username

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